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About Me

I am a Norwegian Social Anthropologist and Process Philosopher, working as Professor of Rural Development and Innovation. Nature has always interested me. Personally and professionally.

For many years I have been working to change the way we produce our food, resulting in a range of publications. Among them the bestsellers (in Norway) Jordboka and Jordboka II ("The book of soil" I and II). I also have my own blog where I (in Norwegian mostly) address human-nature-relations, biophilia, animal welfare, regenerative development, innovation and issues of democracy and participation.

Industrial agriculture is a main culprit in climate change as well as in catastrophic loss of biodiversity, but regenerative agriculture can be one of the main solutions to these challenges.

Regenerative means "renewal". We must rediscover and renew our bonds to nature, and co-create our future together with our non-human friends and neighbours.

Biophilia is the love of nature and life. In these non-professional photos I try to express my own biophilia.

You can contact me at: kontakt@komposten.no .

Kind regards from

Dag Jørund

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